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    Aug 30th – Oct 28th
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BUCKY COIN is the crypto currency evolved under the smart contract by BUCKY HOUSE to realise the BUCKY HOUSE – CDN decentralized Content and Services Distribution Network (dCSDN) an ethereum based Dapp platform powered by IPFS.

BUCKY shall be launched with robust compliance with standard ERC 20 crypto-token format on ethereum and it is compatible, at par, with any available standard crypto-wallets.

Shapshot on BuckyCoin Token Supply

  Token Name: Bucky Coin
  Token Type: Ethereum based Crypto Token   Coin Symbol: Bucky
  Maximum Supply: 940 Million   Standard: ERC 20
  Token on Main Sale: 385.4 Million   Release Date: Aug 30th 2018

Total Token Supply



Bucky Coin

Bucky Coin provides de-centralized block chain platform connected with DHT/IPFS based P2P network that integrate content owners, individuals, celebs, models, advertisers, animation developers and application developers in entertainment and media content distribution and services.

Bucky Coin has decent size of followers and subscribers base on various netizen avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube apart from the frequent visitors on to direct website.

Over this platform bucky coin facilitates the Content Creators/Production Houses/Models/Celebrities to cater its own content and services such as eBooks, animation and games along with the entertainment and movie content proposed to be acquired from the potential company acquisition.


BUCKY House CDN is designed to be deployed as a unique dCSDN and the first of its kind in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) driven Blockchain platforms across the globe that brings content creators into the Blockchain as ‘nodes’. BUCKY House Nodes* are designed for individuals, models, celebrities, animators, book authors, subscribers (content viewers), advertisers and PEER nodes – which shall work as computing nodes to cater for the content as part of the Smart Contracts between the content owners and PEER nodes.


BUCKY HOUSE is a complete de-Centralised Content Distribution and Services Network platform which is under development and application prototype shall be launched.
The Dashboard – Account summary information, My Nodes,My Content, Content Stats, Usage Report,Sub-Users and Domains.
BUCKY Pavilion – Market Place for Ebooks,Music,Movies,Celeb Content and many more.
My BH-Wallet – Unique wallet to handle the transactions on BUCKY HOUSE.
Community – Blog environment to discuss BUCKY house-related topics.