What is Bucky Coin ?

Bucky Coin is a ERC-20 token built on ethereum platform.for the transactions on proposed BUCKY HOUSE – CDN decentralized Content and Services Distribution Network (dCSDN)platform.

BUCKY shall be launched with robust compliance with standard ERC 20 crypto-token format on ethereum and it is compatible, at par, with any available standard crypto-wallet.

What is Bucky House ?

BUCKY HOUSE is the open-source technology based block chain content distribution on IPFS protocol. Bucky House is a content monetization platform with complete freedom and unbounded by geographic limitations for the content creators and owners.

BUCKY House – CDN works on the collection of computing power of the ethereum virtual machine blocks referred as P2P nodes. Content shall be created in encrypted format across the P2P client nodes and these nodes shall work as a chain of network ‘blocks’ with the purview of BUCKY House – CDN. The transactions over the BUCKY House – CDN shall take place as per the conditions of smart contracts in the Blockchain.

Who shall use Bucky House ?

It is a decentralized content and services distribution network platform, which shall provide complete liberty and freedom to its members on the platform.

  • Application Developers – Mobile / Web-based applications that generate revenue from subscribers online.
  • Content Viewers and subscribers.
  • Adult content industry developers.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Individual P2P nodes – those who want to monetize their spare computing resources.
  • Data centers.
  • So-Ho enterprises.