Content Base

BUCKY HOUSE had started its journey and ICO with existing content base and this content is acquired from multiple production houses and paid from the hard cap tokens of the total supply, this content is now owned by BUCKY HOUSE. The content has existing channels on Youtube and fan following base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

This content includes Feature Films, Music, E-Books, Short Movies, Animation Series and Webseries. Most of the movies are theatrical blockbusters and the subscribers reach is remarkable good for the these existing content channels.

The content overview is as follows:

  • Feature Films: 3000+
  • Music - Audio: 5000+
  • Music - Video: 1000+
  • E-Books: 5000+
  • Short Movies: 2000+
  • Animation Content: 500 Hrs +
  • Webseries: 5 +

Due to size constraint we here by provide few links to our channels. For complete list mail us at